Barge Trip, Mirfield to Brighouse, 10th September 2017

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Canal Boat Trip, 2017

After enjoying their barge trip last year, members of Huddersfield & District Army Veterans Association enjoyed another day on the canal when they went on a similar trip to the one they had last year.

The veterans gathered at Shepley Bridge Marina in Mirfield on Sunday, 10th September and shortly before 10:00 am they set off in two Safe Anchor Trust boats heading along the Calder and Hebble Navigation  towards Brighouse.

At lunch time the two barges moored in Brighouse Basin and the veterans made their way to the Market Tavern where a welcome pint and a very nice pie and peas lunch was waiting for them.

After being suitably fed and watered, the veterans made their way back to the canal boats and boarded them for the return journey.

Just like on last year's trip, the skies opened shortly after the veterans had returned to the boats but fortunately most of the group managed to stay dry. Not so for the boat crews, and the veterans who had volunteered to help them with the locks, who had to brave the weather to get the boats through the locks and back to the marina at Mirfield.

After a most enjoyable day, the canal trip ended at Shepley Bridge Marina at around 6:00 pm. Before everyone left, the veterans' fundraiser, Ken Mousley, presented the Safe Anchor Trust with 100.00 as a thank you for an excellent day out.

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