Huddersfield Grammar School, December 2017

A letter has been sent to Huddersfield and District Army Veterans Association from Huddersfield Grammar School to be placed in to the Time Capsule that will be placed under the H&DAVA memorial stone. The letter, shown on the left, reads as follows:

Dear Veterans,

At Huddersfield Grammar School we value our education and we find history very important. In year six we focus on war and the impact it has had on Britain and other countries across the world. Knowing about war has taught us a lot but has made us realise how many innocent lives were lost or affected for our safety and wellbeing. This has made us extremely grateful for the protection we now have but are devastated to know that war still rages on in other countries today. Britain has witnessed two main battles: World War One and World War Two and want to make sure nothing of its kind will ever happen again.

In order to prevent this we have the Royal Navy, NATO Air Force and the land army. These three main forces protect us so we should support them and fund them so they can continue their wonderful work.

Best wishes,

Prep head girl and head boy

Ellie and Rishi

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