H. & D.A.V.A. Archives

The Association was founded in 1897 by a group of Huddersfield businessmen who saw a need to provide a welfare service for Veterans of the Crimea.

For over 100 years the Huddersfield and District Army Veterans Association has kept the Veterans profile in the public eye, lest they be forgotten, and still provides a welfare service to today's  Veterans, including Outings, Socials, Dinners and help in time of need.

During the Jubilee Celebrations in June , 1897, a parade of Crimean and Indian Mutiny Veterans paraded through Huddersfield.

A Major Welsh who was at the saluting base in the Market Place, decided that the people of this town owed a debt to these Veterans and it was our duty to help them in their retirement.

In September he called together a small meeting of selected gentlemen and it was agreed to form an association of ex-servicemen. They met again at the White Swan Hotel on the 7th December, it was agreed that the Association would be called the H. & D.A.V.A. All Veterans who were on the Jubilee Parade list were invited to become members, forty four veterans became members.

Photo Albums

2000 - 2009
2006 Annual Dinner, Annual Trip (Bridlington) 
2007 Annual Dinner, Royal Visit to Huddersfield, Remembrance Day, Catterick,
Annual Trip (Lake District)
2008 National Arboretum, Annual Dinner, Annual Trip (Whitby), Remembrance Day, Remembrance SundayChristmas Concert
2009 Flag Raising Ceremony, Annual Dinner, Catterick, Remembrance Day,
H&DAVA New Standard, Annual Trip (St Anne's), Morrisons Collection Day

Photo Albums

2010 - 2019
2010        Yorkshire Regiment Colours, Annual Dinner, Annual Trip (Scarborough),
Army Vets Bowls, Remembrance Day, Remembrance Sunday
2011 Catterick, Annual Dinner, Remembrance Day, Remembrance Sunday,
Flag Raising Ceremony
2012 F Leach's 100th Birthday, Annual Trip (Weeton), Flag Day, Annual Dinner  
2013 Annual Dinner, Annual Trip (Scarborough), Remembrance Sunday, Remembrance Day 
2014 Annual Dinner, Annual Trip (Liverpool and Southport), Meltham 1940s Weekend,
Flag Day, Memorial Tea, Opening of Tolson Heritage Garden, Birkby Junior School, Remembrance Day, Birkby Junior School Christmas Nativity
2015 Annual Dinner, YBS Cheque Presentation, Collection Days 2015
Memorial unveiling (Farnley Tyas),  VE Day 70th Anniversary Weekend,
Annual Trip (RAF Cosford Museum), Meltham 1940s Weekend
VJ Day 70th Anniversary, Sikh Mela (Deighton), Huddersfield Oktoberfest,  
RBL Poppy Launch (Small World Beers), Remembrance Day
2016 Annual Dinner, Shoulder of Mutton Cheque Presentation, Houses of Parliament, Brighouse 1940s Weekend, Flag Raising Ceremony (Huddersfield),
Hunters Estate Agents, Annual Trip (Scarborough), Meltham 1940s Weekend,
Grand Auction, Sikh Mela (Deighton), Huddersfield Flag Day, Bowling Match,
Shoulder of Mutton BBQ, Shoulder of Mutton Cheque Presentation
Canal Boat Trip (25 Sept), Canal Boat Trip (30 Sept)Garden of Remembrance, Remembrance Day, Remembrance Sunday, Medal Presentation.
2017 Annual Dinner, Shoulder of Mutton Cheque Presentation, Battlefield Tour, YpresBrighouse 1940s Weekend, Ypres Reception, Meltham 1940s Weekend,
All Saints Academy, Barnsley, National Memorial Arboretum, Bowling Match,
School Visits, Huddersfield Grammar School, Canal Boat Trip, Social (Sept),
H&DAVA 120th Anniversary, Market Tavern, Brighouse, Garden of Remembrance, Armistice DayRemembrance Sunday, Letter from Huddersfield Grammar School,
2018 Annual Dinner,


Queen Elizabeth II in Huddersfield

The royal visit to Huddersfield on 24th May 2007 was a landmark occasion for the town and drew crowds of over ten thousand people who wanted to catch a glimpse of the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh into St George’s Square.

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A Brief History

The first Annual Outing was arranged for 7th June 1898 - a trip to Cawthorne.

In May, 1899, Lord Roberts visited Huddersfield to lay the foundations of a new Volunteer Drill Hall. The Army Veterans had seats in the enclosure. After the laying of the stone they were inspected by Lord Roberts after which dinner was served at the White Swan Hotel; forty Veterans were present.

The second Annual Outing was a trip to Harden Moss, June 18th, 1899. Lunch 1s.6d, tea 1s.3d.

The first Christmas gift for Veterans was in December 1909. A gift of two coupons to each Veteran valued at 2s.6d each.

The first Annual Dinner was arranged at the Cherry Tree Hotel in January 1911.

Liverpool and Southport, 2014

Royal Iris of the Mersey: Iris II was a River Mersey ferry which was commandeered by the Royal Navy to take part in the Zeebrugge Raid of St George's Day 24 April 1918. Iris II along with another Mersey ferry, Daffodil, was towed across the English Channel to Zeebrugge by Vindictive.

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